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I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Formal Linguistics, University of Warsaw. I graduated from the Institute of English Studies at University of Warsaw. I like Beowulf and Samuel Beckett's works as much as sitting in front of a Linux console.

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My research activities are on hiatus at the moment.


Radosław Moszczyński. (2010). Towards a bilingual lexicon of information technology multiword units (PDF, ~131KB). Proceedings of the XIV Euralex International Congress. Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Piotr Bański, Radosław Moszczyński. (2008). Enhancing an English-Polish electronic dictionary for multiword expression research (PDF, ~51KB). Proceedings of the Sixth International Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC'08). Marrakech, Morocco.

Janusz S. Bień, Joanna Bilińska, Radosław Moszczyński. (2008). Towards linguistic analysis of computer messages (PDF, ~1400KB). Studia Kognitywne - Études Cognitives, 8.

Radosław Moszczyński. (2007). A practical classification of multiword expressions (PDF, ~154KB). Proceedings of the ACL 2007 Student Research Workshop. Prague, Czech Republic.

Radosław Moszczyński. (2006). Formalisms for encoding Polish multiword expressions (PDF, ~244KB). IPI PAN Technical Report no. 994.

Radosław Moszczyński. (2006). Formal approaches to multiword lexemes (PDF, ~583KB). Master's thesis. Warsaw University, Faculty of Modern Languages.


I currently work as a software quality engineer at Samsung, where I spend my time on keeping some Linux-based test infrastructure working, trying to get DVB-T/C/S tuners to work in Linux, and maintaining a small network of Linux boxes across EMEA. On top of that, I'm responsible for quality management in an ISO17025-certified test lab.

Before I joined Samsung, I spent about 5 years in software localization. I did just about everything during that time, from localizing and editing, through testing and engineering, to project management. My most recent assignment in localization was with Microsoft.

I'm thoroughly familiar with Microsoft's localization tools and processes (LocStudio, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, with IBM's tools (Translation Manager). I'm available for localization consulting work.

I'm also a fairly proficient Linux admin, holding LPIC-1 and RHCSA certifications.

If you want to learn more about my professional life, head to my LinkedIn profile.

I occassionally write ugly scripts. You can find them on Bitbucket.


Some stuff I used to work on in the past. It's mostly outdated, but maybe someone will still find it useful.


Poliqarpix is a live Linux distribution based on Slax. Its main purpose is to provide people with a means to try out Poliqarp and maybe build their own language corpus without the need to install anything on their precious hard disks.

The CD image of Poliqarpix can be downloaded here.

Proper documentation for Poliqarpix has never materialized, but the system is quite talkative, so it should give you all the right directions to start it up successfully. After it starts, it will display some basic instructions concerning Poliqarp and building your own corpus.

Poliqarpix was tested with VMWare Server and it works perfectly. A user reports that it also works with QEMU.

Koha (open source library system)

I wrote a document which describes the process of installing Koha on Slackware. It's probably no use for modern Koha versions. Also things might have changed in Slack, I haven't used it for a while now.


My GnuPG public key can be downloaded from here or from subkeys.pgp.net.

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